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About The Artist

Sarah Hamilton is a self-taught London based artist. Born in 1981, she grew up in the quiet suburb of Chislehurst and attended school locally at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School. With many generations of artists in her family, Sarah's passion for painting continued to grow throughout her school life.

In 2005 she graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Primary Education with an Art Specialism and enjoyed teaching and inspiring the next generation of artists.

Sarah paints large, original abstract paintings. She explores the endless possibilities of layering paint and merging colours to create visually striking art. Sarah loves capturing colours from moments in time, marrying them with her emotional experiences and translating them into unique paintings.  Sometimes her paintings roar and demand to be the centre of attention, and sometimes they are beautifully submissive, but all have a story to tell…be it the bustling streets of Manhattan to the most tranquil, beautiful Welsh woodland.

Every painting process becomes a journey, Sarah envisages how the colours will relate with each other, whether they will unify or clash. Dragging the acrylic paint across the canvas using screens adds an element of relinquished control, often making the process unpredictably exciting. It is a race against time for the paint to remain wet and free-flowing, before using the changing consistency as it dries to create a more textured finish. The floor is Sarah's easel and all her paintings are created horizontally, enabling her to move around the canvas whilst varying the pressure and direction of the paint.

Sarah dreams of people getting lost in her paintings, being transported through large swathes of colour to the tiniest details and finding the beauty of their own experiences within them. 

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Sarah has been a proud member of the Art Can Organisation since 2022

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Returns Policy

We want you to love your painting. You must email us within 5 days of receipt for return instructions. Sorry, we cannot refund shipping and return shipping is at the responsibility and cost of the customer. All paintings must be returned in their original packaging.

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